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How Big Data can help shape your building performance

You will hear Big Data mentioned countless times when referring to a host of applications, but it has never been more relevant than it is today in creating actionable insights to unlock building performance. 

In fact, Big Data will be key to helping property managers tackle the challenges they face in an attempt to make their buildings more efficient.

What is Big Data and how can it help create actionable insights?

‘Big data’ refers to the multitude of data or inputs gathered from a myriad of sources. Of course, data is nothing new; but because we now generate it on such a grand scale, we can glean useful insights by tracking and analyzing it.

When we refer to Big Data in the sphere of building management we look at what data is available and how best we can use it. One of the key pieces of data is occupancy levels and how this relates to the way a building is being used. By tracking and forecasting occupancy levels, we can make sure your buildings are only using utilities when they need to.

Our AXON platform can determine occupancy levels in many clever ways, by gathering data from many points, such as keeping track of the number of cars in a car park by tracking data from the barriers or using data from swipe card entries to a building, or how many workstations or pieces of equipment are powered up on any given week, day or hour. 

This near real-time data forms part of our reporting suite and can be used to gather actionable insights and help make informed decisions.

Actionable insights for Building Performance

Our reports, working hand in hand with your Building Management System (BMS) or Energy Management System (EMS) to centralise data that is most important to your company’s long term initiatives in an easy to read format.

Data is shown in graphical form, providing you an in-depth, detailed view of your building’s performance and how it relates to the usage of the building by the occupants.  Plus, with building data centralised in one platform, your teams will no longer need to spend time logging into different systems to access various reports.

Understanding how your diverse estate uses energy over a period of time allows you to set realistic goals and establish a baseline to compare against. The reports generated by AXON simplify the management of your estate and changes in building use are clearly indicated in reports such as the Operational Efficiency Report, Energy Report, and Repair and Maintenance report (predictive failure).

The reports can drill down to a daily, or hourly basis. Using real-time data, you can see where the high, medium and low use occurs and determine if that concurs within your expectations for utility use and if not make the necessary changes. We have helped Energy Managers in sectors such as Healthcare, Retail, Commercial and Education, realise real-world savings and make their buildings operate much more efficiently.

Profile analysis for optimum performance

Profile analysis shows a comprehensive view of building use over a chosen time period overlaid with actual utility use, so you can see if you are using too much heating, cooling or lighting on spaces that are sparsely or totally unoccupied. 

This is particularly important in mult-use and multi-tenant buildings. Using our tools allows estate managers to recharge occupiers based on actual usage for both direct consumption and shared central services across all utilities and using multiple tariffs.

This big building data approach and actionable insights to create estate efficiencies were used to great effect by Broadgate Estates.

Fully optimise your energy use

An often overlooked source of energy use is equipment that is plugged into standard 13amp sockets, such as; computers, printers, IP Phone systems etc. In fact, office equipment is the fastest-growing energy user in the business world, with total usage expected to rise to 30% by 2020.

The cost of running this equipment is around £300million p.a. in the UK alone and this is increasing every year. There are also associated costs that are often overlooked, specifically those of increasing cooling requirements to overcome the additional heat this equipment produces. So it makes good business sense to ensure they are only used when absolutely necessary.

Through the use of our dashboard, estate managers can compare how a building’s occupancy relates to socket outlet load. This will show if energy is being used unnecessarily when the building is unoccupied. By overlaying building occupancy data, a plan for wiser energy use in these areas can be developed.

How AXON can help

For organisations located in large infrastructures or across complex estates, acquiring data from multiple sources and reporting on this data across one platform is a highly beneficial investment, particularly when managing a long-term plan.

AXON can offer a better way to manage and optimise building efficiency

A technology-independent platform, AXON provides big building performance data, acquired from multiple sources. Our expertise allows us to understand, support and help enhance operating efficiencies and maintain wellbeing, whilst keeping energy costs to a minimum across entire estates.

Get in touch today, to discover how AXON can help you optimise your buildings’ operating performance and save money.
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