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November 12, 2019
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A Kings Fund report recently stated that ‘’the NHS estate in England has a floor area that would cover the City of London ten times over. The land it owns totals 6.9 million hectares while the total floor space of trust and primary care trust buildings is estimated at 28.4 million square metres’.

With 7,278 sites, the NHS is one of the largest capital construction clients in the UK and the largest in Europe, the largest NHS estate comprising 3,500 properties. Furthermore, the NHS is responsible for 5.4% of the UK’s total carbon emissions, their footprint has risen to 21 million tonnes per year, increasing its carbon footprint by 40% since 1990.

The Department of Health’s target to reduce its carbon emissions by 10% by 2015, and 80% by 2050, will prove extremely challenging.

Creating a Sustainable Development Management Plans for NHS estates has become more important than ever.

Sustainable Development Management Plans

The NHS, together with the Sustainable Development Unit, has created guidelines and resources to help organisations produce Sustainable Development Management Plans. These plans will identify actions to improve financial goals, and the health of local communities, meet legislative requirements. Secondly, they will act as proof that their organisation will contribute to added Social Value.

There are a few key areas that organisations will be required to address in their Sustainable Development Management Plans. These include air pollution, energy and water usage, waste, green space, carbon emissions, adaptation and staff engagement. Plans will also help to identify opportunities to reduce waste, operational spend, and carbon emissions, along with supply chain audits.

Producing an SDMP is crucial for NHS organisations. Plans may be requested by commissioners, NHS England, NHS Improvement, or Public Health England, as evidence of an organisation’s approach to Social Value and their commitment to improving local public health.

Sustainable Development Management Plans

What Your Sustainable Development Management Plan Should Cover

Examples of Good Practice
Outline what has been done well and how goals are being used to plan future positive outcomes.

Sustainable Development
Address the impact your organisation has on the environment, local communities and society, and finances, and how these impacts can be improved.

Organisational Vision and Objectives, Action Plan and Measurement and Reporting
These are the 3 areas that your SDMP should cover and should detail the organisation’s vision for sustainability, the goals you wish to achieve, how these will be achieved, and the metrics that will be put in place for measuring and reporting.

Achieving Sustainable Development Management Plans Targets Through BEMS

There are many ways in which an NHS organisation can reduce its carbon footprint. By identifying the areas where significant energy savings can be made, quickly and easily, will deliver the fastest results. The most effective way of achieving this is via a Building Energy Management System.

The monitoring of energy across a large, diverse and ever-changing estate is a complex task. Working with an experienced BEMs Company will help your organisation to achieve energy and financial reductions.

Along with our sister company, Next Controls, AXON can implement effective BEMs management to provide Big Building Data via remote management of an entire NHS estate. This enables us, and you, to create a strategic plan of action for meeting your carbon emission targets by identifying the key areas across your buildings that waste the most energy.

NHS trusts can use their BEMS to prove they’re commited to reducing carbon outputs, and to present the results and impact of their energy-saving actions.

Additionally using the AXON platform brings other benefits. The Big Building Data acquired can help you manage, not just monitor, a diverse estate. Providing insight to occupancy levels for example, to inform lighting, heating, cooling.

Data is acquired from multiple sources for energy, metering, lighting, environment and occupancy, providing estate performance analytics at
all levels. The big data and analytics that are acquired result in actionable insights. Helping you to continually manage the operation of your estate
effectively. The information from AXON can assist you in optimising the management of your estate. Providing visualisations and reporting to support the various stakeholders within the building. Helping you gain buy-in for implementing improvements to significantly reduce operational and energy costs.

AXON, part of Checkit UK Limited provides a breadth of services that are of relevance to NHS estate management and sustainable development targets.

  • Our work management tool provides smart digital checklists that are easy to use and configure. Checklists that make sure the right people do the right thing, in the right place, at the right time
  • Our UKAS accredited automated monitoring ensures compliance and mitigates loss of valuable drugs, bloods, samples and medicines. Monitoring that is backed by real-time 24/7/365 telephone support.
  • Our smart wireless sensing networks use Internet of Things technologies to replace manual checks with 24/7 monitoring, protecting valuable stock, appliances and processes.
  • Our remote management of building services provides ongoing technical support and serviced packages. Going beyond the installation phase to facilitate continued operational and financial benefits.
  • Our technology independent platform for smart buildings helps optimise estate wide operations. Acquiring big building data from multiple sources, providing estate performance analytics at all levels.
  • Data and reporting of business intelligence that provide a 360 degree view which helps businesses realise operational excellence.

Contact our experienced team today, to find out how we can assist you in achieving operational efficiencies across your estate.

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