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November 11, 2019
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November 12, 2019

Smart Building Data is essential for understanding where operational efficiencies can be implemented. It enables building manager, engineer or contractor to monitor and manage occupancy, wellbeing and energy usage more efficiently. Through the lifetime of the building technology needs to evolve, responding to changing demands, adapting to changes in working practice, occupancy patterns and efficiency targets.

With integrated technologies the next stage of building automation is on the horizon. Yet with this evolution how do you ensure the technologies you adopt are adaptable to future requirements and they do not become ‘extinct’?

Ensuring your Building’s Intelligence is Evolving

To ensure Smart Building Automation can evolve to accommodate newer and more advanced technologies, it is essential that it is supported and built on a future-proofed and sustainable platform from the outset.

Intelligent buildings using smart building controls are enabling a step-change in the way commercial buildings are managed. The big building data that can be acquired via smart technologies is invaluable when making informed decisions for the efficient management of building estates. It is therefore crucial that an Intelligent Building Automation’s platform is capable of adapting to continuous change. That data can be acquired seamlessly and evidenced in a way that provides meaningful actions.

Open standard communications

The platform chosen should assure continuity of supply, whilst not tying the end user to any one supplier. A technology independent platform enables the best plant option to be chosen for the service being installed. A platform that is able to source big building data from multiple sources, regardless of make or brand surely presents the best future-proof option.

When considering the evolution of your building estate is important to consider maintenance upgrades. When new technology arises, how easy is to upgrade plant equipment? How straight forward is it to then ‘connect’ this new technology to the  Smart Building Automation platform?

Data analysis can provide insight, informing threshold triggers, intelligent occupancy checks and energy management. To manage your building, not just monitor it you need a Smart Building Automation platform that is technology independent and adaptable.

Speak to our team at AXON who, along with our sister company, Next Controls, can help you to make sure it is possible to continuously evolve your buildings’ intelligence.

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