Optimising the efficiency of your building services when seasonal temperatures rise

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July 22, 2019
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Reducing carbon emissions is high on the worldwide agenda, and of particular relevance for the built environment. Buildings are responsible for more than half of energy consumption worldwide. Having a good handle on Building Energy Management (BEM) is a must for the reduction of CO2. Whilst also of importance for Building Service Engineers and those managing large building estates, is optimising performance against specific requirements. Such as optimising the operation of refrigeration, plant availability, as well as critical plant and inventory alarm monitoring. This is a particular challenge when we see fluctuations in seasonal temperatures outside of the norm. This was demonstrated recently, when we saw the hottest July day on record, and our Support Hub called out a significant volume of alarms to contracted customers.

Delivering cool customer service on the hottest day

Last week, as summer temperatures peaked, the team at Next Controls, AXON and Tutela Monitoring Systems kept their cool, as a significant number of alarms were triggered. The day saw temperatures sour to 36.7C (98.06F) at Cambridge, making it the hottest July day since records began. The support team coped admirably, calling out on average 426 alarms per hour!

The 17 strong team of support operators, over the course of the day, alerted via phone a total of 10,238 alarms to customers of temperature variances. They also responded to a staggering 36,248 alarms received by customers. The split of these being 56% for the built environment, with 44% for medical monitoring.

Darren Baker, National Support Manager for Next Control Systems & Tutela Monitoring said “The support hub rose to the occasion, working hard in the hot conditions to protect customers valuable stock. Demonstrating professionalism and the robust service we have in place here.”

Making the most of your building management

AXON, together with its parent company, Next Controls, has over 25 years experience in Building Energy Management (BEMS). AXON provides a range of BEMS technical support, all geared to enabling customers to maximise operational efficiency. When seasonal temperatures rise, this impacts on energy consumption, requiring a level of flexibility when managing operational efficiency. AXON provides our clients enhanced escalation, breakdown, troubleshooting and management of smart building related incidents, including energy overages.

Our remote monitoring is delivered by our 24/7 manned support hub, who provide alarm notification for time and temperature critical inventory and environmental conditions. Helping you to minimise inventory losses or building occupancy issues.

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