Operational change monitoring

Following the successful completion of 'intelligent optimisation' our clients BEMS will have been tuned to deliver optimal building operating efficiency, establishing benchmark operational settings and runtime profiles.

After benefitting from up to 25% energy cost savings the problem remains of how our client's can guarantee that the savings established are sustainably maintained over the long term.

Building operational efficiencies can be rapidly eroded by ill-judged maintenance settings adjustment, manual plant overrides and plant equipment failure. Settings that very quickly become the norm the cost of which only becomes apparent after the damage has been done.

To eliminate the high risk of rapidly eroding savings we have developed an operational change monitoring service that automatically identifies and acts upon impactful changes in the day to day operation of building services. Thereby minimising the financial effects of changes from the established norm.

The established benchmarked settings resulting from our ‘intelligent optimisation’ work is stored on our servers. Every 24 hours we automatically interrogate our client sites to read and record the current settings and compare them with the established benchmarks.

Any deviation from the norm is either corrected by our remote site management team or reported to the client for instruction or action.

By using this unique service, our clients can be sure that the energy cost savings established by Axon are maintained each year and every year.

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