Operational Challenges in the Food Retail Sector

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August 27, 2019
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Adapting Consumer Behaviour

There are currently a number of challenges in the food retail sector across the UK.  This is mainly due to a seismic and growing shift in consumer behaviour. Digital, tech and e-commerce are playing major roles in changing the way consumers shop. Convenience and value for money are becoming high on the list of consumers priorities.

Retailers within the food environment are having to react, adapt and evolve to this demand through experimentation. New and emerging technologies such as AI and machine learning are used to gather data and keep up with growing trends.

Recognising Operational Challenges when selling Consumables

Changing consumer behaviour is only one of the challenges in the food retail sector. Retail organisations face a number of other difficulties, particularly financial when managing energy and building services.

High business rates, adhering to the National Living Wage and lowering prices to compete with discount stores also lead to financial strain. The need to minimise and reduce operational costs year on year is a constant pressure.

Effective decision making, identifying unplanned overspend and delivering immediate savings are crucial for strategising a financial savings plan. A lack of access to informative and clarified data can greatly hinder this process.

Another one of the major operational challenges in the food retail sector lies within refrigeration management. Refrigeration display cases or cold rooms need to be consistently maintained above a 99.999% performance level. Consequences can result in significant stock and financial loss, due to a reduction in the ability to trade from the shop floor.

Strategising long and short term carbon reduction goals is also of importance to food retailers. This helps them to achieve sustainable building efficiency and utility savings.

Waitrose & Partners have an innovative solution for boosting fridge energy savings. The supermarket is utilising Formula One-inspired technology to reduce the energy consumption of its refrigerators across all stores.

Challenges in the Food Retail Sector

Providing Operational Solutions in the Food Retail Sector

Nobody has more experience than AXON in helping businesses in the retail sector to identify and achieve energy and cost reductions. In fact, it’s our job to think about improving your retail environment and reducing your operational costs, every single day. Particularly in challenging times.

We have worked with one of the most successful and respected retail groups in the UK, for over 25 years. We understand the challenges in the food retail sector. Furthermore, we understand the complex requirements involved in optimising building and energy management.

AXON keep food retailers at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. We also ensure they provide their stores with the best service possible. Our experienced team can help grow estates and optimise refrigeration, heating, ventilation, and building energy systems across entire portfolios.

Our remote technologies and data visualisations enable us to reduce costly engineering call outs, minimise stock and trade loss. We can also reduce maintenance costs and energy usage across all elements of a store’s environment.

To find out more about how AXON and our parent company Next Controls can help your retail business achieve significant year on year savings, speak with our expert team today. Don’t just take our word for it, take a read our Retail Sector Case Study.

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