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The Art of Integrating Building Services

Integrating building services helps to reduce energy consumption, carbon footprint and operating costs. These are all important factors for efficient building management.

These days, everything can be web-enabled and available through the Cloud. As a result, the art of integration has become important when engineering building services. With the web, new and emerging technologies, including the Internet of Things (IOT), 4th Industrial Revolution (IR4), Software as a Service (SaaS) have become more prevalent.

End-user clients know that BMS is the most technical and invasive building services system within the building. Because of this, they require more information to get value-add from their BMS. This could include added tenant billing, lighting control or notifications of whether meeting rooms are in use or empty. All crucial information for identifying and achieving significant savings.

For any organisation, the management of building performance and energy consumption data is a massive task. This is due to the complexity of the systems requiring integration and their inter-dependencies.

Whilst a skilled and experienced BMS engineer may be able to join a couple of these independent systems together, either the BMS technology or building network can cause restrictions.

6 Reasons why the AXON Platform is Different 

With the advancement of communications technology, virtually every component of a building is now capable of generating and communicating valuable performance data. In order to take advantage of the available data, it is necessary for the information to be seamlessly integrated into one common platform.

1. AXON is one of the few companies that have experience and expertise to seamlessly communicate with diverse manufacturers equipment.

2. Our technology-independent platform can be either retrofitted into an existing building or used in the new build environment.

3. The Big Building Data is acquired onto the AXON platform from multiple sources for energy, metering, lighting, environment and occupancy. This provides estate performance analytics at all levels. The possibilities are endless.

4. The easy to configure and user-friendly interface provides visualisations and reporting to support the various stakeholders in the building. Helping to gain buy-in for implementing improvements. Allowing you to interpret the data, to deliver actionable insights.

5. AXON is tried and tested. Based on over 25-years’ experience with our sister brand, Next Controls, we possess a proven track record in building energy management. We pride ourselves on being a company that has a strong BMS background and the knowledge of building operations in order to protect major plant equipment. We also have expertise in each of the installation disciplines needed to provide an end to end solution. Our existing clients from the retail, education, healthcare and commercial building arenas are already benefitting from the AXON platform.

6. We also have a full support team, both automated and manually intervene where clients require, providing 24/7 support. We approach each AXON implementation with a results and proof driven mentality.

This is where AXON is different. We have the missing jigsaw pieces to help clients improve the operation of their building. Enabling you to provide a better, smarter building today. To realise and achieve significant reductions in energy consumption, carbon footprint and operating costs.


The future lies with fully integrating services within a single building, fully integrating buildings into portfolios, and fully integrating portfolios into smart cities.

We have a fantastic and highly experienced team; the technical possibilities we can provide are very exciting!

If you want to find out more please contact Gareth Fox who is always happy to share his knowledge.


Tel: 07810 636536

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