Energy audits and compliance

Every business needs to manage its energy spend. It’s one of the key areas of expenditure that every organisation must face. For a variety of reasons, energy consumption can be unpredictable and difficult to manage.

So where do you begin? To identify where you could make substantial savings, the best place to start is with a professional energy audit from Axon. Our qualified assessors will look closely at every aspect of your energy consumption and suggest specific achievable solutions to reduce your energy expenditure and carbon emissions.

Knowledge is power

Over the course of an audit, we develop a full understanding of the specific challenges faced by your business, analysing building construction, occupancy metrics and looking closely at the way energy is consumed.

The results are detailed and complete with estimated costs, potential savings (in terms of energy, CO2 emissions and money) and projected payback periods. We also apply data analytics to validate the projected savings, helping to build your commercial case for change.

Axon offer a range of services for tailored solutions. Every organisation is unique. To understand yours, we offer a range of services to analyse everything that has an impact on your organisation’s energy consumption. The goal is to identify ways that less energy can be used without affecting the building environment and workplace wellbeing. Highlighting solutions that deliver significant energy savings.

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