Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Point in Every Office Car Parking Space

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Earlier this month (July 15th 2019) the Government unveiled new plans that could have a major impact on built environments in the coming years. 

Their plan is to see an Electric Vehicle (EV) charging point installed in every newly built home or office with a parking space. The move has been promoted by the Government’s targets to get people into EVs, rather than combustion engine vehicles, with their Road to Zero Strategy that aims to get half of all new cars to be EVs by 2030.

There is an open consultation on the Government plan which closes on October 7th 2019.

Clearly, the impact on new commercial builds could be huge, especially builds that have car parking facilities. But it could also be seen as a major opportunity to provide a point of difference. EV sales have grown by 60% this year and highlights show a real appetite for ultra-low emission vehicles and cleaner, greener transport in the UK.

What many drivers feel is a barrier to getting an EV, is the charging infrastructure within the UK, especially in towns and cities, including their workplace.

Office buildings that can accommodate EV charging on a large scale will no doubt be a benefit as more consumers choose the EV route and more businesses see this as an opportunity to lessen their own CO2 impact.

There has been a drive for many years to get leaner, greener buildings with smart monitoring being at the forefront of this. Perfectly optimised buildings are becoming the standard that all commercial landlords aspire to and we (Axon and Next Controls) are perfectly placed to help any commercial building achieve their CO2 and energy savings targets.

The future of UK’s built environments will be driven by technology and the future occupants of those buildings will be driving EVs. Be ready.

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