Financial Management Challenges in Education

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Constant budgetary pressure to reduce operating costs year on year.

Energy Surveys and Audits identify short medium and long-term goals, delivering sustainable building efficiency and savings.

Lack of accurate metrics against which to make informed future investment decisions.

Big Building Data Analysis and Reporting Service will provide unparalleled insight into the current performance of your buildings and estates.

The environments contribution to work place wellbeing.

Service Availability Reporting ensures that your workplace environment is maintained at optimum levels.

Unplanned utility overspends with no ability to minimise them and identify their cause.

Operational Change Monitoring Service identifies and eliminates costly overspend as they happen.

Coping with highly cyclic and unpredictable teaching space occupancy patterns.

Energy Surveys and Audits can ensure that building service plant operation can be accurately matched to cyclic occupancy patterns.

Delivering immediate meaningful energy savings for minimal capital investment.

BEMS Optimisation will deliver immediate savings from your existing investments in building technology.

Nobody has more experience than Axon in helping businesses in the education sector realise significant operational and energy cost reductions.

Find out more about the full depth of our experience with the built environment.
Our Experience

Nobody has more expeFind out more about the full depth of our experience with the built environment.

Our Experience

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