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Case Study




Case Study

Reduced energy
consumption across the estate

of energy consumption by all stakeholders

Continuous optimisation
of buildings and plant

Remote monitoring
and escalation prevents operational and energy performance drift


Typical of many tertiary educational establishments in the UK, the energy costs at Bournemouth University are significant. This can be attributed to a diverse estate comprising a large number of buildings of various ages and functions that have been added to the establishment over time.

Bournemouth University has two main campuses but is also responsible for the University Centre Yeovil. Due to the diversity of the estate, energy and utility use has been a complex management and resourcing issue.

Against the backdrop of recent funding changes, that have forced all universities to re-evaluate their business model, a technology-based solution was implemented across the estate, to improve efficiency and performance in energy management.

Next Control Systems Limited, parent company to AXON, designed and installed an upgraded building control system. This brought immediate savings observed at a billing level but lacked the granularity to enable a more strategic approach. This is where AXON was able to help, with their building performance platform.

Gareth Williams - Carbon Management Program Manager

“We have a great relationship with Next Controls, who will be a key partner in taking Bournemouth University to the top of the ‘Green League’. We like the fact that we can access our AXON energy dashboards from any device as opposed to a single fixed location.”

Building Controls Implementation

Bournemouth University had previously installed a building management system but it was not fully deployed across the campus nor was there any integration. Plant data and control was derived via a dial-up process but the system was unreliable and, because it was not campus-wide, was an ineffective management tool.

A Salix scheme secured the additional funding needed to upgrade the system and deploy it universally across the whole campus.

AXON Empowers ‘In Use’ Performance Benchmarking

The wealth of accurate data continually harvested, processed and analysed by AXON from the Bournemouth University estate allows precision benchmarking at a variety of levels of granularity – individual plant, occupied space, faculty or the entire estate – to ensure that the estate is always operating effectively.

By adding real time occupancy data and statistics into the performance model, faculties are now considering dynamic space allocation in order to match the size of the lecture space to the actual attendees and prevent further energy wastage by having large lecture theatres occupied by a few students.
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