Big Building Data

With the advancement of building technology, virtually every installed component is now capable of generating and communicating valuable performance data.

Axon Analytics Platform

Analysing information from diverse multiple data streams


Data Sources

5.75 Billion Data Points Per Year
750,000 Alarm Notifications Per Year
15.0 Million Points Gathered Per Day


Remote Alam Reception
Remote Data Gathering
Remote Site Management


Alarm Incidents
Fiscal Metered Utilities
Sub Metered Utilities
Refrigerated Services
Building Services
Vertical Transportation
Electrical Services
BEMS Control Systems


Dashboard Web Portals
Operational Change Reports
Service Availability Reports
Monitoring &Targeting Reports
Energy Management Reports
Big Data Analytical Reports

The volumes of data now available from buildings and their services can truly be categorised as ‘big building data’.

The advent of this data has opened-up huge opportunities to provide accurate advanced analytics, allowing building managers and operators to predict and pre-empt problems that degrade a building’s operational efficiency and energy performance.

Axon’s client sites are ‘connected’ to Axons ‘s server centre which provides a raft of intelligent big building data analytics to assist them in obtaining maximum benefit from the data available from their buildings and estates.

Axon retrieves and analyses more than 15 Million data points a day gathered from intelligent building components, building energy management systems, utility metering (both fiscal and sub) and automated plant alarm notifications, and more. Through the integration of these diverse data streams into one common platform we are able to provide high level analytics, management and reporting services for our clients.

Use of Axon’s big data analytics delivers significant operational savings to our clients as well as accurate management information against which to take informed decisions on future building service development projects and spending.

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